Friday, January 23, 2009

This picture says "Live Love Laugh". I used a different font and a different color for each one. First I changed the dimensions of the blank image to 500 by 500. I then used the bucket fill tool and filled the whole thing black on 100% opacity. After that I used the pattern fill in pine and turned the opacity level down to 10% and put that over the black. I used the text tool for the words. The font for "Live" isnt very script-like or fancy but it conveys a sense of harmony with the others. Live is a word everyone knows and the font is simple so it doesnt take away from the word itself. The word "Love" is slightly bigger than the others and in a fancier font because Love is the most important thing in life. Finally, for "Laugh" I used a font that looks like actual hand writing, well, more so than the others. I liked this font for Laugh because everyone has laughter and laughter is a contagious thing and it simplified the word enough that it wasnt over powering anything. This is my favorite project that I have done. It's a saying a friend of mine used to say all the time. It reminds me of him, a lot.

So I dedicate this to my best friend who died. He livied by these words. He lived, he loved more than I thought was possible, and he laughed; constantly.
R.I.P Ghost

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